We take tribute to honour his dedication,

Hard work and Commitment towards the achievements.

He had made the many lives he touched and how he instated the pillars of Tecafine Polymer Pvt Ltd.

His sense of wisdom and work ethic are traits that he passed down to us and for that we will be always greatful.

Mr. Mansukhbhai D. Parmar was the pacesetter of the comapny, leading by example and exemphifying the value of teamworks, initiative , commitment and continuous improvement.

He Emphasised on product quality while. stressing upon process accuracy and efficiency.

Though he was firm in his managment, he treated his employess with fairness and benevolence.

We will continue to live his dream and work hard together to take Tecafine Polymer Pvt Ltd. to greater heights.

                                                                                                    - Tecafine Polymer Pvt Ltd. Team.