Features Of Polypropylene
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Features Of Polypropylene

  • Features Of Polypropylene 
  • Great Workability : Easy to manufacture as desired by cutting, Punching, Bending And Bonding.

  • Chemical resistant : Excellent against alkaline, acids and solvents.

  • High rigidity : Does not wear and tear like paper - based material, strong and durable.

  • Water Resistant : Absorbs almost no moisture ( 0.03% ) getting it wet does not cause any problems.

  • Hygienic : Does not produce dust like cardboard , hygienic.

  • Recyclable : Can be recycled into different plastic products.

  • Heat resistant : Being able to stand tempratures up to 130 C, it has the highest heat resistance among plastics.

  • Durables : Holds up well against repeated bending and folding.

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